luffing jib tower crane

  • Luffing Jib 12Ton Tower Crane

    Luffing Jib 12Ton Tower Crane

    ZCJJ Luffing jib tower crane take advantage of technology from France, Germany, Spain, Italy and other foreign advanced countries, combined with the national standard of tower crane, design and produce various types of tower crane

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  • Luffing Jib 6Ton Tower Crane

    Luffing Jib 6Ton Tower Crane

    Luffing jib tower crane,This is of great significance for the construction of the main structure and the hoisting of the towering components on the main structure. The tail turning radius is between 8 and 11 meters, which provides more options for tower group operation and construction in narrow urban working space, and is even the only choice for construction of super high-rise buildings in the central area of the city. But on the other hand, due to the lifting boom fluctuation caused two problems. First, the gravity bending distance of the boom changes greatly 6Ton to 12Ton Luffing jib is our main products.

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